New Mill Equipment

We can supply a full range of New Feedmill Equipment from Feedtech, from screw conveyors to a Full Press Line to a complete Feed or Biomass Pelleting Installation, Feedtech have been manufacturing Feedmill Equipment for over 15yrs and have built many complete Feedmills all over Europe. The machinery is built to the highest standard and they/we have the facilities to deliver and install this equipment within your plant.

If you require any equipment for your mill please give us a try, you will be surprised at the value for money Feedtech equipment represents. Keep a look out for “special offers” on certain machinery and soon to come we will be offering subsidised finance packages on Presses, Mixers and Hammermills.

Please look through the range below and contact us if you require any further information.



We have a single deck and twin deck bagging and weighing system available,

Bagging speed: 4 – 5 bags / min
 15 – 50 kgs bags can be used. 
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Feedtech offer a wide range of pre conditioners,

The feedtech Boa Compactor compresses the blended feed by conveying into the compacting chamber where a rotating three-roller head presses the feed through two conical friction rings. Of Stainless steel design this machine offers superb durability and performance, mollases and steam can be injected in to the retention barrel before extrusion out of the rings.

Also Press conditioners are available in mild steel and stainless steel construction, This machine is capable of conditioning meal prior to pelleting. Steam and liquids can be added and retention times controlled by the angle of the paddles.

There is also a a Long Retention Type Conditioner which is ideal for long retention times where high temperatures are reuired for sanitisation of meals and feeds. All parts are of stainless steel construction, the body of the barrel is insulated to keep in heat which can be controlled by a Electrical heating system with adjustable control of 30 - 110oC

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Boa Brochure

 Conditioner Brochure

Hygenizer Brochure




Containerised Pellet Lines

Containerised Pellet Lines

If you are looking for a pilot plant, R and D plant or wher space is an issue maybe a Feedtech Containerised system would suit, we can design a complete feed line built within containers for easy installation and makes them a lot easier to move after a project is completed. Whether its just a blends line , grinding line , pelleting line or all three please Contact Us for mor information.

Conainerised Feed Plant Brochure

Containerised Feed Plant 2 Brochure



We at Pelleting Solutions can supply you with any types of Conveyance, Feedtech have Belt and Bucket, Screw Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Slides and Rotary Dischargers in their line up. If you require bespoke Uk made conveyors we can supply Wrights Dowson who have a huge portflio of existing customers throughout the UK.

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Bucket Elevator Brochure

 Screw Conveyor Brochure

Chain Conveyor Brochure

Press Feeder Brochure



Coolers for Sale

 Counter flow coolers are used for cooling pellets to near ambient temperature. The coolers are available in various sizes with capacities up to 30 tph. Counter flow cooling is the most efficient process for cooling the pellets after the press. The air flows in the opposite direction to the product which means that the product is gradually cooled on its way from pellet-mill to discharge hopper. The air is gradually warmed on its way from air inlet to cooler exhaust, thus preventing pellet damage due to a temperature shock. Coolers can be produced as double-deck which increase efficiency by saving time during product change.

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Counterflow Cooler Brochure




Mixers For Sale

In the Feedtech range there are three types of Mixer, the High Speed Mollasses Mixer with capacity of 20-80TPH, The Horizontal Ribbon Mixer with capacity from 1000 litre to 12000 litre and line output of 5-70TPH or The DPMA Double Shaft Paddle Mixer with a Capacity of 200 – 12000 liters and Line Capacity of 1,5 – 120 tons / hour.

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Paddle Mixer Brochure

Mollasses Hi Speed Mixer Brochure

Ribbon Mixer Brochure





Pellet Mills

Pellet Mills For Sale

Our range of Feedtech Pellet presses are suitable for Animal Feed Mills and Biomass applications. Ther are many models and different options to choose from including auto roll adjust and auto greasing, the presses are all belt driven so setting the perfect die speed can be done with ease on manufacture and general running costs have been proven to be a lot less than gearbox presses.

Please click below to view the Feedtech Press brochure or call for more details.    

Feedtech Pellet Press

Pellet Press Options Brochure




Sifters For Sale

There are Three types of Sifters in the Feedtech range, you can have a Cryloc type sieve that can sieve fine materials out of a blend before the hammermill saving on energy and speeding up grinder capacity, a Raw material / Rubble sifter for sieving out undesirables from raw materials and a Cryloc type rotary sifter for sieving finnished product pellets before bulk loading or bagging.

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Rubble Sifter

Sieve Brochure

Pellet Outload Sieve Brochure




Silos and Bulk Loading

Feedtech Panel silos are appropriate for storage of granular and meal products such as grains and feed. They can be manufactured as corrugated or flat panels.  The installation and/or dismantling of panel type silos are very easy. They are widely used in feed milling industry as dosing silos, pellet silos and finished product silos. For free flowing granular products, corrugated panels are appropriate while we recommend double-walled flat panels for mash and sticky products.

We offer a full consultation and CAD design service and can manufacture to your own specific requirements.

Bulk Storage , loading and unloading systems available for supply and install. Single and double skinned silos available, please call for details

Turnkey Installations

Turnkey Installations

Having a full portfolio of equipment , a design and Installation team we and Feedtech together can offer a full Mill Design, Supply and Installation service. Mick Swift our company Director has already had a huge hand in the Design, Procurement and build of a complete feedmill in Scotland and Feedtech have built many bespoke plants throughout Europe so for any Turnkey plant requirments big or small please Contact Us for more information.