Feedtech offer a wide range of pre conditioners,

The feedtech Boa Compactor compresses the blended feed by conveying into the compacting chamber where a rotating three-roller head presses the feed through two conical friction rings. Of Stainless steel design this machine offers superb durability and performance, mollases and steam can be injected in to the retention barrel before extrusion out of the rings.

Also Press conditioners are available in mild steel and stainless steel construction, This machine is capable of conditioning meal prior to pelleting. Steam and liquids can be added and retention times controlled by the angle of the paddles.

There is also a a Long Retention Type Conditioner which is ideal for long retention times where high temperatures are reuired for sanitisation of meals and feeds. All parts are of stainless steel construction, the body of the barrel is insulated to keep in heat which can be controlled by a Electrical heating system with adjustable control of 30 - 110oC

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Boa Brochure

 Conditioner Brochure

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