Biomass/Wood Pelleting

We believe at Go Green Pelleting solutions that "WASTE" is literally a dirty word !!. What most people call "WASTE" we look at as a useful comodity. Millions of tonnes of "WASTE" still go to lanfill every year but we are here to assist you in bucking that trend. If you have a "WASTE" stream that you feel maybe worth something in a pelleted form please drop us a line and we can talk you through the processes for making pellets helping you to avoid expensive mistakes and pitfalls along the way. Pellets can be used as fuel in Biomass Burners and CHP plants where infeed tarrifs ( RHI) can be claimed, as bedding for animals, litter for cats or fertilser for Agricultural and Horticultural industries.

 At our site in St Helens you can see our fully working pelleting and Briquetting plant manufacturing waste wood pellets and Briquettes. If you have material to pellet, we can conduct a Pelleting trial with your material to see if pelleting is a viable solution.

We also have gained great experience of briquetting and have installed Briquetting lines for wood and other Biomass Products. We can also supply Briquetting equipment to you choice and tie it all together with grinding and packaging lines and install at your site.

We can supply Consultaion, Design, Pricing, Supply and Assembly of your plant including electrics and essentially full commissioning and training.

Below you can see a basic flow diagram of a Complete 1.5-2TPH Wood Pelleting Plant.

flow diagram wood plant